Corporate Wellbeing

It’s no secret that when you’re feeling well, you can think and work much better. And yet so many common daily habits, such as poor sleep, overconsumption of caffeine and poor tech boundaries, drastically impede our ability to show up as our best for the work we love. This is a problem that needs to be tackled by every employer and individual in order to prevent burnout and dwindling productivity.


Approach to
Corporate Wellbeing

The idea that we need to actively care for our bodies in order for our mind to function optimally is thankfully well established. However, corporate wellbeing often exists in a bubble apart from the daily operations of a business, and thus teams and individuals can struggle to apply what they learn about wellbeing into their working life. My approach to corporate wellbeing, as with anything, is as integrative as possible. I don’t simply give lifestyle tips, I help you understand how various practises will transform your personal and professional performance and I show you how to do it. The work I do with corporate clients is firmly grounded in the goal of maximum productivity as well as quality of life and work-life balance.

private coaching
Corporate wellbeing
Corporate Wellbeing

Services I offer

1:1 virtual coaching for employees (available globally)

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Mindfulness
  • Productivity practises

Workplace wellbeing audit (availability dependent on location)

  • One time visit to make suggestions to improve wellbeing in the office (you get the benefit of my multifaceted perspective; health coach, yoga teacher & trained chef)

Wellbeing immersion days (availability dependent on location)

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Series of mini workshops on different wellbeing topics

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