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I’m Sarah, holistic nutrition and hormone expert, yoga teacher, trained natural foods chef, and if you like, your coach. Learn More Here

My services

Private Coaching

In my private coaching practice, my mission is to help women break free from the myths and misinformation we’re all sold about diets, our bodies and our health.

My areas of focus are:

Food and body freedom

A diet free approach to eating and weight management

Hormonal health for women

Hormonal health for women

Intentional, stress-free living

Holistic approaches to intentional, stress-free living

Wellbeing for the whole family

Simple strategies to keep you and your gang healthy

Learn more about my private coaching services here.

Private coaching
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My Services

Corporate Wellbeing

One of my core beliefs is that in order to think and work well, we need to feel well. With the ever quickening pace of life and the increasing levels of stress in the working world, it’s no wonder so many people suffer from burnout and poor health.

I offer virtual coaching, in-house wellbeing training and workshops for businesses.

Learn more about my corporate wellbeing services here.


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